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Chickpea flour summer crepes

Alice - RicetteVegolose


  • 40 g chickpea flour
  • 80 g water
  • 1 pinch of baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon tahin or olive oil
  • 2 little tomatoes
  • a handful arugula
  • 3/4 black olives
  • salt oregano to taste
  • basil-flavoured olive oil


  • Prepare the crepes batter with chickpea flour, water, baking soda and tahin (or olive oil). Let it stand while preparing the filling.
  • Cut tomatoes into small cubes, add arugula chopped into small pieces using your hands, olives, salt and oregano to taste. Mix well and set aside.
  • Cook the crepes using a small oiled pan (I obtained three crepes, 15cm wide).
  • Once you've finished cooking the crepes, you can fill them with the tomatoes, close them as you like, then serve immediately.


These crepes are even more tasty if you add a drizzle of basil flavored olive oil before serving.
Leftovers can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days.